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I've been fixing phones and tablets since the iPhone 3g and as you know that's a very long time which means your devices will be in good hands!!




I use to advertise on Craigslist to repair laptops and computers and a guy contacted me about fixing a iPhone 3g and i asked myself "what the heck is that?" Did a little research, ordered the parts and fixed his phone for him and the calls kept coming in and i haven't had a reason to stop.  Then i get this call from Jefferson City Public Schools to fix their iPads for them and that's the time i figured i needed to find a better way to do things so i bought a mini-van ripped out the middle seat and built a table back there and so that's when i became mobile and could fix devices on-site, i have fixed devices while people shop, work or even go to their homes and fix them in my van there.  Its the best career and what makes it the best career for me is meeting new people and actually having a relationship with them and not just a job, I've met so many awesome people and made some new friends along the way.  




     I do everything i can do get the job done and get it done right the first time.  There's many times i have a customer come to me and their phone won't charge, 99% of the time its just pocket lint that needs to be cleaned out, and it amazes people how i don't charge to clean it out, yeah i don't charge for pocket lint.....

     Another thing i won't do is if i can't get your phone fixed then i won't charge....... I feel if i even have to work on your phone overnight and i still can't get it fixed then I'm not gonna charge you anything, it's just the way i work and it's the way i do business.....

     Also depending on the repair i will ask for your password to test the phone out before i tear into the phone, the reason for this is i want to make sure everything works before i jump into it, that way if i break something i will pay out of my pocket to fix that issue and if i damage your whole phone then i will buy you a new phone.

     Honesty is #1, i want you to trust me, i want you to come back for your next repair and i will do everything i can to get that trust and to make you happy.




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